Fascial Stretch Therapy uses gentle traction to loosen muscles and joints. Muscle fatigue can cause stiffness in the body. FST not only targets the muscles but the fascia tissue surrounding the joints and muscles. Stiffness can result in a decline in performance and can increase the probability of injury. In many cases, normal preworkout stretching can add to stiffness and tighness causing the athlete to overstretch in an effort to go beyond the discomfort from being sore.

First the FST therapist will evaluate imbalances in the body then loosen/warm up the muscles and joints. Using gentle traction, the therapist will begin to open up the joints and muscles. This speeds recovery, lengthens muscle fiber and increases overall range of motion. Specialized breathing techniques allow the body to relax leaving clients with an overall euphoric feeling when the session is complete. The therapy does not hurt and will draw out many of the body's nagging aches and pains.

Nelson Yoshino, FST Therapist - Born and raised in Hawaii, Nelson graduated from Kalani High School then obtained a kinesiology degree from the University of Northern Colorado. He is a certified FST therapist under Ann and Chris Frederick, the creators of FST. A 15 year strength and conditioning coach, his hobbies include weight lifting, hiking, reading and yoga. He has worked with many of the high level athletes on the island like pro surfer/triathlete Sunny Garcia and UFC fighter Yancy Medeiros.